Radiantech Engineering Pte Ltd

Radiantech Engineering Pte Ltd

has been established since 17 July 1986. The company is located at No 8 Burn Road, #15-12 Trivex Singapore 369977. The company specializes in manufacturing of fire-resistant doors and providing related installation and other services.

As the one of the most established manufacturer of fire-resistant doors, Radiantech Engineering Pte Ltd has a manufacturing history and experience of more than 30 years, which contributes to their advanced technical power and reliable product quality. When assuring their advantage in conventional products, Radiantech Engineering Pte Ltd continuously research and develop new products to keep their leading position in this industry. Radiantech Engineering Pte Ltd’s main products include fireproof door series, rolling door, luxurious door, and harmonious door, etc. Subject to customer’s different requirement, Radiantech Engineering Pte Ltd can also design and produce various shapes and specifications for them.

The company has two main focuses,

  1. The service that they provide and
  2. The quality products that they produce.

We believed that by assuring that their clients get the best of these two focuses, they will ensure a lifetime partnership with the clients. Due to their constant efforts in keeping excellent relationships with the industry intermediaries, they are able to reduce the cost of operations and increase customer satisfaction. With such measures they have managed to increase the company’s competitiveness in the field but most of all the trust that they have gain from their clients.

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We provide quality service to our customer needs and attention. Providing our products at great expectation.   

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We provide our products and services with high expectation to our clients.

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Our customer service support always ready to support our clients at all times. 

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